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The House of Bitcoin Auto Miner or btc-auto-miner.exe


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Email Marketing by: William Nabaza
This program will auto mine bitcoin just by letting it stay on your computer online for hours, days or months. It will mine your computer's processing power and turn it into bitcoin for you. All you need to do is provide the bitcoin address and your optional pin for added security and for safety reasons. In case you forget two of these, I can't help you remember them for you.

The more the programs stays online on your computer, the more you will earn monero and bitcoin because it will automatically mine bitcoin and monero on your computer just by leaving it on. Here you can say that you are now earning money doing nothing. Yes, you might say it's too good to be true but it's true because I've already withdrawn from bitcoin and now starting to mine on monero.

I'm giving this program for free. For now it only automatically mines 5 websites but in the future and we progress I'm going to add a lot more. It's the same story that happened with Bitcoin Faucet Surfer. I remember starting with 10 faucets then I ended up with 300 faucets.

How to use it?

Starting the program:
Double-click btc-auto-miner.exe on the folder named btc-auto-miner placed on your desktop. Make sure to prepare your bitcoin address and your optional pin to make sure you give the program these 2 things.

On the bitcoin address, please type your btc so that the program will type automatically your bitcoin address and type your pin in your pin number.

Special commands:
Press [SHIFT] + [WINDOW] + h = will hide the miner be sure to place your cursor on the page first before doing so.
Press [SHIFT] + [WINDOW] + q = will quit the invisibility mode.
Press [SHIFT] + [WINDOW] + b = will type your bitcoin address automatically
Press [SHIFT] + [WINDOW] + p = will type your PIN number automatically

Repeat this on all 5 automatic bitcoin miner and you're all set to go.

Software upgrades are for free and whenever there are bitcoin automatic miner I'll be sure to add it on this program. In the meantime, you may need to go to our website to see if there's a latest program of Bitcoin (BTC) Auto Miner to download.

About the programmer:

William Nabaza
I'm excited about this program and as you can see that I'm also using this program personally that I've developed. Thanks to my GOD and SAVIOR - JESUS CHRIST who made it possible. I owe it all to Him. Praise His Name!

My websites:
http://www.Nabaza.com - my blog
http://www.NameHost.us - I'm also selling domains, web hosting accounts and ssl

Email: william@nabaza.com
contact me for support anytime. I'll be sure to answer you within 24 to 48 hours.

**Make sure to run this program or leave this page for days, weeks or months and always check your bitcoin earnings. Monitor when can you withdraw your bitcoins. Each auto miner will let you withdraw at different amounts of bitcoins.

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